EBKA Winter Programme 2020/21 & Other Beekeeping Events

Covid 19

The winter programme will follow the below format as far as possible with meetings via Zoom. We look forward to a time when we can meet in person at our usual venue. Zoom meetings will start at 7.30pm with access to join from 7.15pm. Members will be sent a joining invitation on email. All the below are subject to change.

Covid 19

Should any beekeeping problems or need for help arise please contact your mentor or a member of the Committee either by e-mail or via the Facebook EBKA (member's only) page: Eastbourne Beekeepers' Association (EBKA).


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7.30pm Friday

March 5th


Sussex Beekeepers' Association Annual General Meeting.


All welcome to join this meeting and hear the divisions news.

Zoom meeting

MTG ID 999 4253 9684

Password 1889

7.15 for 7.30pm Tuesday

March 16th


Talk by Jim Vivian-Griffins

ZOOM 7.15 join for &.30PM START


"Varroa – Have we become too complacent?

 To treat or not?"

7.15 for 7.30pm Tuesday

April 27th

NB: Not our usual meeting day/date.

Talk by  Bob Smith

ZOOM 7.15 join for &.30PM START

"Keep it clean!" - brood comb replacement

 The why, when and how of Bailey Comb Change, Shook Swarm, double brood systems, etc."