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The EBKA offer four catgories of membership to suit different needs.


FULL £34.00

Benefits of membership include:

  • INSURANCE (click for details)

  • BBKA registration

  • Annual honey show

  • Advice from seasoned beekeepers

  • Social group

  • Practical training and demonstration sessions

  • Guest speakers on beekeeping and general interest topics


PARTNER £23.00

This is for`spouses and partners living at the same address of a BBKA registered member`. It includes public liability Insurance for beekeeping activities.


FRIEND £12.00

This category is for those who don't keep bees, or for full members of other divisions. Friends are welcome to attend EBKA meetings and events.

JUNIOR £15.00 (Includes BDI)

For persons under the age of 18 in conjunction with their guardian having 'full' membership of EBKA.


It is now a requirement under our rules of membership to register either by post or online with the National Bee Unit (NBU) if members have bees.


For those registered on email NBU will notify them if they are within 10km of a notifiable disease outbreak (AFB-EFB).


Registration can be done via the National Bee Unit website or by post to:

The National Bee Unit,

The Food & Environment Agency,

Sandy Hutton,

York, YO41 1LZ .


TEL 01904 462 510


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