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The Association owns a number of bee related books which are available for loan to members.


To encourage the safe and timely return of the book, a deposit, preferably in cash, will be required from the borrower. Some bee books are quite expensive so the deposit has been set at the retail value of the book to the nearest £5.


The initial period of loan will be approximately one month from meeting to meeting. The initial period may be extended with the expressed agreement of the Librarian provided no other member has registered an interest in borrowing book.


Handover will generally take place on the third Tuesday of the month (Winter meetings) or the second Apiary meeting of the month (Spring/Summer meetings).


A charge of 20p per week or part thereof will be made for any book not returned by the due date.


For borrowing books or other questions about the library please get in touch with our librarian, Kit Bentham on 07963 467509 or via email.

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