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Simon’s affinity for bees has encouraged him to tackle the BBKA module exams which are ‘not quite so daunting’ as one might imagine; he has already passed 3 out of 7. A particular interest within beekeeping is the subject of swarming and how it can be successfully managed to the benefit of the bees and the beekeeper. Simon has founded the South Coast Honeybee Improvement Partnership (SCHIP) as a forum for those keen to work with local bees over imports and is very pleased to take on the role of Chair for EBKA in 2022.

m. 07971 068625



Jacky has been keeping bees for more than ten years and she has re-joined the Committee and takes on the role of Membership Secretary. She is particularly interested in growing flowers and shrubs for the benefit of bees and other polinators. Jacky has National hives and lives near Polegate.


Stuart joined the association in September 2021, became a member of the committee in November 2022 and Secretary in 2023. Being, now, not so much a beginner, he takes every opportunity to learn from the members of the association and the various speakers at the association meetings. He has managed 2 colonies of bees, using national hives. He aims to have 3 strong colonies every autumn for his own use, and to help new beekeepers by furnishing them with advice and spare colonies and queens - having gained sufficient experience to do so.  


(& Asian Hornet Verifier)

Jean lives in Hailsham and keeps her bees in national hives in the Dicker area. Jean passed the BBKA basic assessment in 2013.

Our Chair from 2015, Secretary from 2022 and, now President from 2023..


m: 07766 572 940


Appointed in 2015, Ian moved to the Eastbourne area from Cumbria. In addtion to Ian's financial acumen he has also banked over 30 years beekeeping experience.


m: 07411 402 422

Asian Hornet Verifier & Co-ordinator. Ben and his wife Maggi are local bee equipment suppliers. They have had bees since 1984 and have mainly Smith hives with a few WBCs, in six apiaries. Ben was a past President of the Sussex Beekeepers Association.     


m: 07778 867 136


Doug became interested in beekeeping at the age of 10 during 'Bob-a-Job' week whilst gardening. About 9years ago he went on a beekeeping course at Eastbourne College when it was suggested that the best way to learn was to keep bees and 'learn by your mistakes' - a mistake! Ben (above) suggested he join EBKA and learn from others. He now maintains 3 hives.

John, our Past President, has kept bees for 25 years and for the last 10 has worked with Mary Hinton at her farm in Heathfield. John and Mary have around 16 colonies in top bee space national hives. Before becoming President in 2014 John was the Treasurer of EBKA for 7 years.


Kit started beekeeping in 2010 by building and managing top bar hives before moving on to 

Nationals a couple of years later. Kit undertook the BBKA Basic Assessment in 2012 and passed the Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing in 2013.


He tends to around half a dozen hives in Eastbourne and East Hoathly.


m: 07963467509

I wanted to keep bees for many years but with a busy career, I put it on hold until just before lockdown. I completed the Basic Beekeeping Course and got my first hive six months or so afterwards. I now have two. I plan to take the Basic Assessment later this year. 



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